Military Service Personnel Assistance

Military Service Personnel Assistance

Utility Payment Arrangements for Military Service Personnel

Minnesota law requires that customers and utilities make utility payment arrangements for military service personnel in the following situation. If a member of a household has been issued orders into active duty, deployment, or change in duty station and the residential customer meets specific income criteria, the Forest Lake city utility must not disconnect the utility service of that qualifying residential customer due to nonpayment.

Application for a utility payment agreement must include: Copies of income statements and proof of military orders as described in the law. The Forest Lake city utility may shut off utility service for nonpayment if an application does not include the required copies of income statements and proof of military orders as required by Minn. Stat. § 325E.028.

Right to Appeal: You have the right to appeal to City Council, if you and Forest Lake Utility cannot agree on a payment agreement.

If you would like a copy of this law, please contact the city utility department at 651-209-9730.